Jesus Christ birth in the cattle-shed of Bethlehem. Again a peaceful and prosperous festive of the memories of the birth of Jesus Christ. Koyilandy Rotary Club celebrated a joyful and memorable X-mas at the love NEST of NIARC. An Unforgettable day of wonderful and multifarious art programmes for the children and parents of NIARC. Violinist Sajith Bensil and Mridangam player Dr.Narayanpraksah conducted a violin kachery. A fabulous Kuchupidi held by B.S Karthy and Bharatnatyam presented by V.N Vivek. Such a day of creative art and wonderful melodies. Thankyou!..,Rotary President K.V Sudeer, members K.S Gopalakrishnan, Major.C.Aravindhkshan, K.K Rajan other NIARC relatives and friends.