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Supported and funded by NEST, a voluntary non-profit, ISO 9001: 2008 certified organisation which was established in 2005 to take care of the terminally ill, in 2012

NIARC was formed with a great mission – the caring of Children with special needs. The Caring unit for Children is offering rehabilitation and medical support for children with multiple disabilities and low functioning.

Need of NIARC

NIARC Foundation is committed in creating a world of possibilities for Children with Special needs

Despite differing estimates, in India 1-2% of the 0-19 population has a disability. 35.29% of all people living with disabilities are children. Other estimates say that India has 12 million children living with disabilities. Only 1% of children with disabilities have access to school and one third of most disabilities are preventable.

Despite improvement in the health care system in the country, the situation of differently abled children remains deplorable, particularly in rural areas and among the lower socio-economic population. In India they are subject to multiple deprivations and limited opportunities in several dimensions of their lives. Some these include, lack of rehabilitation services, not being enrolled to schools, lower employment rates, limited awareness of entitlements and services available and lack of social welfare support.

When poverty, physical neglect and social marginalization intersect, the impact on the differently abled can be devastating. They are kept hidden away at their home, denied basic rights of mobility, education, treatment and employment. They are viewed as dependent persons. Such discrimination in some cases starts from the family members and spreads right up to the policy makers and state authorities. Social attitudes and stigma play an important role in limiting the opportunities for their full participation in social and economic life, often even within their own families.

NIARC aim to address the unmet needs of the differently abled children through evidence based multidisciplinary evaluation and treatment approach and comprehensive rehabilitation along with community based rehabilitation services. Our primary objective is to provide the highest quality Pediatric rehabilitation care tailored to meet the individual physical, developmental, social, psychosocial and educational needs of each child and family.

A unique team consisting of medical and rehabilitation specialists will collaborate to provide developmentally appropriate care that meets all aspects of your child’s health and psychosocial needs. Our team works closely with you and your child to increase your child’s functional abilities and to ensure the whole family will be comfortable and successful with any ongoing follow up care required at home.

Target population of service

Children with :
  • Multiple disabilities – Cerebral Palsy , Genetic syndromes , Neuromuscular diseases , Inborn errors of metabolism , Neurodegenerative diseases 
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders –Intellectual disability , Autistic Spectrum disorders, Attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome ,Learning disabilities , Motor disorders like Developmental Coordination disorder, Stereotypic movement disorder
  • Speech and Language disorders
  • Hearing Impairment
Families of Children with disabilities
Our Rehabilitation Program includes

1) Comprehensive Evaluation and Diagnosis

Accurate medical, psychological , functional and environmental assessment as per International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) is the crux of rehabilitation services as it provides an objective measure regarding the activity limitation and participation restriction of the child .

Our assessment team involves a panel of doctors

  • Physiatrist/Rehabilitation Physician 
  • ENT specialist
  • Paediatrician
  • Neurologist
  • Ophthalmologist
  • Orthopedician
  • Dentist

Full time services of a Physiatrist is available in NIARC. The other doctor’s visits are scheduled monthly.

Other members of our multidisciplinary team include:

  • Psychologists 
  • Speech Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physical Therapists
  • Special Educators
  • Social workers
  • Community Volunteers
  • Child and the Family

2) Goal setting and Followup

Individually tailored Short term , Long term goal setting by every member of the team and the interdisciplinary plan is reviewed and updated during weekly team meetings. . Each child is followed using a criteria-based system to evaluate functional skill development with respect to medical status, motor skills, cognitive and communicative abilities, self-care capabilities and the family’s needs.

3) Medical and Orthotic management

4) Rehabilitation therapy

Physical therapy, Occupational therapy, Child Psychology, Special Education

5) Assistive and Adaptive Technology

6) Family supporting Services

7) Community Reintegration and Vocational training

How are we different
  • Multidisciplinary team of skilled and dedicated professionals
  • Scientific and Objective assessment using standardised tools
  • Multidisciplinary and Comprehensive Rehabilitation involving all domains
  • Protocol & Evidence based management & Review
  • Early detection & Intervention
  • Work in collaboration with International Institutions – Central Institute of Deaf (CID), USA
  • Utilisation of Assistive and Adaptive technology
  • Community Based Rehabilitation
  • Family oriented services

Thanks to our generous donors, sponsors, and creative contributors for helping us provide the best care possible for kids with special needs, while accessing innovative technologies, improving their quality of life and helping them realize their unlimited potential.