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N E S T Koyilandy

NEST, under Koyilandy Palliative care Society is a voluntary social service group headquartered at Koyilandy, 25 kilometers north of Calicut in Kerala. Started by 4 volunteers and 7 patients in 2005, NEST has now more than 300 volunteer and 2000 plus patients and beneficiaries. Operating in one Municipal town and 5 surrounding Panchayaths, the organization covers around 3,00,000 people.

NEST looks after palliative patients, ie., Cancer, Paraplegic, Geriatric patients, Psychiatric patients and Children with Special Needs.

Many families are not bothered to care the aged parents or bed-ridden relatives. Often they are neglected and left alone in a corner of the house. Food is not provided on time and medicines are not given properly. Poor financial conditions worsen the situation more. In many cases the bread-earner of the family falls bed-ridden. The children of such families are forced to face the tough situation, resulting in the discontinuation of their education

The intervention of NEST has brought about an impressive change in the lives of the patients. Data show that the number of aged parents neglected by their own families has decreased considerably.

More than 500 registered bed-ridden patients were given water beds. About 100 patients got wheel chairs and 150 plus families getting regular food kits. The service of Doctor is provided twice in a week and of Nurses on all days. Morphine and other medicines are distributed free of cost. Above all, our volunteers reach the patients with words of solace and kindness.